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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did Tim Durham Get Advanced Notice of FBI Raid? Why Did Durham's Son Leave the Attorney General's Office Shortly After the Raid on His Father's Offices?

HoosierLeaks has received the following inquiry, so we thought we'd put it out for our readers to digest.  Does anyone have further answers that could shed light on this mystery?

Let's attempt to connect the dots...

It is general knowledge that, for over ten years, former Marion County Prosecutor, Carl Brizzi, and current Indiana Attorney General, Greg Zoller, have been close personal friends.  Their history includes shared experiences living in Washington DC, when both worked as government investigators.

Also, it is well known and public record that Mr. Brizzi and Mr. Timothy Durham are also close friends.  For a time, Mr. Brizzi was a member of the Board of Directors of a company controlled by Mr. Durham.

Given these long standing relationships, it should not come as a surprise that Mr. Durham’s son, Bernard L. Durham, would be given a sensitive job in the Attorney General’s office as an investigator.  Yes, an investigator.  Unlike his mother and Senior Durham, young (age 29) Durham is not a lawyer.

Is it simply coincidental that on Nov. 23, 2009, the day before Mr. Timothy Durham’s office was raided by the FBI, a certain financial transaction took place and some records appear to have disappeared?

Was there a tip-off that a raid was going to take place?  Where did the tip-off come from, and why did Durham leave the Attorney General's office shortly after the FBI raid on his father's offices?

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